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A/PART is issue #38 of The Bear magazine, formerly published as the Bear Deluxe, an independent, Pacific Northwest-based, nationally distributed magazine exploring environmental issues through the creative arts.

This issue was created as a time capsule brimming not only with art, but with the stories of the humans making art in this moment (2020–2021). Rather than paint a broad picture, A/PART reveals bright glimpses of what it looks like to fight, to grieve, to celebrate, and to take up space. A/PART grapples with a sense of urgency at the intersections of place-based art, identity, and the environment in an expansive sense.

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Featured in A/PART

Five creators served as sponsors, curators, and connectors to five artists who inspire them; with individual ownership of how they would connect and with whom. It was a chance to reconnect or to build new relationships, and drive the editorial perspective of the issue. Their words and works are woven together in conversation in these pages.

Board of Directors

Sam Beebe

Executive Director

Molly Cooney-Mesker

Board Chair

Tom Webb

Board Secretary & Founding Editor

The Bear is published by the nonprofit, volunteer-run organization Orlo.

Made with generous support from The Kinsman Foundation and additional contributions from Willamette Falls Paper Company, WCP Solutions, and Brown Printing.